Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

With October at an end, the holiday season is almost upon us. If you plan to go over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, you might want to take a look at your tires before you set out on your next family adventure. You certainly don't want to be the one holding up Thanksgiving dinner while you change a tire on the side of the road.

In addition to things like blowouts or flat tires, tires with worn down tread aren’t able to grip the road well, which makes driving significantly more dangerous in inclement or icy weather. The best way to stay safe is to check your tires every month for signs for wear.

Fortunately, checking your tread depth is easy and can be done in the comfort of your own garage. All you need is a quarter. Simply, turn the coin so George Washington’s head is upside down and insert your quarter into one of the large grooves on your tire. 

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If there is space above Washington’s head, you need to replace your tires immediately. If his head is level with the tread, you have about 4/32 inch of tread left, which will provide some grip on a rainy day, but you’ll still want to start shopping for tires before there's ice on the road.

When replacing your tires, keep in mind that tires come in a variety of sizes as well as types, including performance and weather-specific tires. Your best bet is to stick with the kind of tire that came with your car. Cutting corners to save a little cash on tires could ultimately hurt your car’s braking and handling performance. Your tires are your car’s most important safety feature.

If you have questions about the tread on your tires or the type of tires you need this winter, our service team is here to help. Wherever you’re going this holiday season, BMW of Charlottesville will get you there safely!  

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