As part of our commitment to sustainable, renewable energy, BMW had partnered with Straus Organic Dairy Farms to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases while delivering clean energy. This new partnership will provide EV drivers in California with renewable energy by using a methane biodigester in Marshall, California to capture methane from cow manure and transform it into clean energy. The methane from the cow manure sits in the Earth’s atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse gas issue. With this new partnership, the methane biodigester will capture the methane from cow manure, thus reducing the methane emissions from the manure, and export it to a public power. This collaboration will be the first of its kind in the automotive industry. ­­

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The goal of this initiative is to ensure every electric mile driven by BMW and MINI drivers in California is covered by this uniquely sourced renewable energy. Not only with electric vehicles (EVs) produce zero emissions, but the cleaner energy from the grid will continue to charge sustainably as well. The BMW Group hopes to create more partnerships like this to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the years to come. From the very beginning when BMW created the BMW i3 and i8 models, the German automaker has been committed to creating a new standard for renewable energy. The Leipzig factory that assembles the i3 uses renewable energy, and in some markets, BMW i sells solar panels to charge their electric vehicles.

At BMW, we believe to truly develop a “green” car requires a holistic process. Charging electric cars is still an issue if power sources have to burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, and methane remains one of the leading greenhouse gases damaging the ozone. That’s why we will continue to innovate our production process to ensure its EVs efficiently use renewable energy throughout and source clean energy to recharge.

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