Luxury Car Buying Doesn't Have to be Scary! Here are 5 Tips to Make Sure It's a Breeze

Luxury Car Buying Doesn't Have to be Scary! Here are 5 Tips to Make Sure it's a Breeze


With research, preparation and patience, the new luxury car buying experience doesn’t have to be frightful or stressful at all. Contrary to the popular consensus, you can actually assure that your next new car buying experience goes as smooth and easy as shooting the breeze. Here are 5 tips to help make your next new car buying experience as smooth as possible, with all treats and no tricks!

1. Get a Good Idea of Your Financial and Credit Situation

Granted you’re in the market for a luxury vehicle, so nine times out of ten you have a good grip on where your finances stand. But, the first place to start and most important step to your car buying process is going to always going be to get a good idea of your finances. Nearly 107 million Americans who have car loans currently referred to in a recent study done by CNN, and if you’re going to be an addition to this number you need to know your credit score. Start with getting a free copy provided by most banking intuitions or online credit monitoring systems like To have an idea of what you are truly working with. Credit is king in most financing situations and your next new car is no different. Your credit score is going to determine your APR rate, your monthly payments and even ultimately determine what type of car you can even afford, based on what your credit will be able to handle. So it’s important to always start here. If you plan on buying your car cash, take an honest look at your finances and determine a hard dollar amount that you do not want to exceed with this next purchase.

2. Figure out How Much You Want to Spend 

Before you determine what type of car you’re shopping for, we recommend you taking the time to consider how much you truly want to spend and feel comfortable parting with on your next luxury vehicle. Ask yourself what is the max monthly payment you want to make on your next new car? This is also a cause for transparency with your own self and finances to determine what you can truly handle plus all of your other monthly expenses. From there you can then determine what car is truly going to fit in your monthly budget by realistically calculating the monthly payments. Most dealership sites like our website provides a payment calculator that helps you calculate your potential monthly payments inclusive of money down, financing terms and estimated financing rate.

3.  Select the Vehicle that’s Right for You

Budget determined and financing options chosen, it’s time to move on to selecting the vehicle that’s just right for you. Start with compiling a list of the features and considerations important to you in your next luxury vehicle. Whether it’s safety for your children, the latest apple car-play connect, a sun roof for cruising or leather seats for styling purposes. Determine from the beginning of this process what features/add-ons you can and cannot live with or without on your next vehicle to determine what type of car you need. Based on your feature wants and needs and your pricing budget, we recommend you utilize filter tools provided in your car search to create specifics for what you’re looking for based around those parameters. 

4.  Learn about the Rebates and Incentives Offered To You

The is more than likely always going to be some type of manufacturer sanctioned rebates and incentives out there for consumers to take advantage off, regardless of when you choose to purchase your vehicle and you need to be aware of them. The best place to start for the rebates is going to the manufacturer website. For instance, from now until 1/1/2018 BMW is offerings its customers brand new BMW's 2017 320i xDrive for JUST $299? Can you believe that? Yes, that is happening now!

5. Select Your Dealership

Selecting the dealership of your choosing should be the icing on the cake of this process and thus the last step in it. Always start with selecting the dealership that features the luxury vehicle that you want with the greatest variety of the type of model you’re interested in and offering the most advertised rebates at the time, to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. If you’re in the Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas, we know that will be an easy selection, BMW of Charlottesville is going to be sure to give you the best deal on your new BMW and more in a 50 mile radius. Don’t believe us? Try us out today

The moral of the story is that preparation is going to be key in streamlining your next new luxury car buying process. With having everything in order and being prepared, there is no scare or negotiation tactic that you can’t handle!

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