How to Remain Fuel Efficient this Holiday Traveling Season in Your Luxury Car


As most of us are aware the holiday season is in full swing but what some of us may not know is that how you drive your luxury vehicle this holiday season directly affects how much miles per gallon you can get out of it. Here are a few tips from your trusted BMW of Charlottesville team to help ensure that you get the most efficiency out of your ultimate driving machine this holiday traveling season.

Keep Your Lux Vehicle Properly Maintained and Cared For:

Always Service Your Vehicle on a Regular Basis. Take the time before you hit the road to make sure your vehicles isn’t due for any maintenances and all spark plugs etc., are up-to-date. As a poorly tuned engine uses more fuel and emits more emissions.

Use the Recommend Oil. For the best results, it is always best to use the grade of oil that is recommended in your BMW’s car owner's manual. This is always going to synthetic oil to make sure your powerful engine is able to perform at its best.

Check Tire Pressure Often. You will not be getting too far without properly inflated tires. Maintaining the proper tire pressure in your vehicle can result in up to 3% in gas savings. At least once a month your tire pressure should be checked.

Change Your Air Filters. Studies show that a dirty air filter can result in as much as a 10% loss in your gas mileage and can considerably affect acceleration time. Experts recommend you changing your air filters every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.


How You Drive Your BMW Matters:

Plan Trips ahead of time or Combine Errands. Another way to save on MPG would be choosing to walk to local destinations, such as the store, versus driving there when you make your holiday destination. As well as planning trips ahead of time as avoiding pesky "stop and go" traffic which thus saves you time and fuel expenses

Avoid Aggressive Driving. We know it’s going to be easier said than done this holiday season but try accelerating smoothly and brake slowly through traffic while traveling. Fuel consumption increases by 40% when you push the gas abruptly or brake suddenly.

Make Sure Your Gas Cap is Properly Tightened. Don't allow any of your gas to evaporate! A broken or missing gas cap can result in reducing your fuel efficiency by 1% to 2%.

Ensure you are Selecting the Proper Fuel. Make sure to consult your BMW owner's manual to see which fuel type is most efficient with your car model. For most BMW owners, premium gas is always recommended and sometimes required.

Of course these are just some of the factors to consider in order to improve your fuel efficiency, but these are a great start! As well all know too well that the bitter winter weather can be harsh on ourcomfort levels while being out side, but it also does a number on our luxury beauties. So make sure to take head to small changes in your driving lifestyle that can expand the lifespan of your car, save you money and contribute to a greener environment. If you have a need for service or repair, you could be costing yourself extra money so don't put it off.

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Happy Traveling! 

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