Here are the Top 5 Summer Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips that you Need to Know!

Summer is officially here and we know how rough the heat and conditions of summer can be on your luxury vehicle. Not only does the hot and humid condition cause low performance it can also impact the handling capabilities of a car. To ensure better speed and agility amidst hot weather conditions it is necessary to look after tires, battery along with other part. Take proper precautions to ensure that your car remains fit enough to be driven in extreme weather conditions.

Here are some tips which you need to follow for safe summer driving:


1- Keep the Car Tires Properly Inflated

You do not want to end with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. According to a report, heat can affect the tire pressure which can ultimately result in blow outs. Tire pressure has to be monitored in hot weather condition ns. Make sure to consult with a reliable mechanic for right air pressure or follow the car manufacturer’s specification mentioned on the car owner manual.

2- Check out the Fluids under Hood

You need to check for the levels of coolant fluid and make sure you refill it if necessary. Especially, if you plan to go on a long trip it is necessary to maintain the coolant fluid levels to specified limits. See to it that the fuel is up to its required levels. Do not stop with checking out the coolant fluid rather see to it that there is no leak at connection points or joints where engine block is connected by the hose.

3- Monitor Tire Tread

Monitor the tire treads. Summer causes greater friction with the road during braking and acceleration. This result in worn out of tire tread. Tread wear has a direct impact on the stability and handling capability of a car. You can go for a coin test to determine if it is time to change the car tires with new summer tires.


4- Keep Your Battery Running

Summer heat is responsible for the faster deterioration of car batteries. It is essential that you take care of car battery as it helps to improve the battery life. Here is how you can protect your car battery from summer heat:

Park your car in shade. It helps to keep the battery cool which can ultimately contribute to battery life.Do not forget to switch off all electronics while moving out of the car.Do not keep the car engine inactive for longer periods of time. Regularly charge the car batteries.

5- Protect the Car Paint from Heat

The look of a luxury car cannot with compromised with. Summer heat may affect the car paint and cause cracks in between. It is necessary you look for a perfect storage or a garage with proper shade to keep your car parked.

Cars which are parked and are exposed to scorching heat develop patches and generally fade the car paint.

Keep the above points in mind to ensure your car drives without developing any engine snag or burn out.

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