Take a Test Drive and Make a Difference with BMW of Charlottesville


How would you like to help your local community by gripping the steering wheel of a sweet BMW? That’s literally what you would get to do, test drive a BMW at BMW of Charlottesville! This test drive can make a world of a difference for people because the drive is for a cause.

BMW’s Drive for a Cause: #BMWDriveForACause

“Drive for a Cause” is a national summer campaign that has expanded from a one-day event to a season-long initiative. This program invites BMW owners and potential BMW owners to take a test drive at your local BMW dealership. Awesome enough, right? More importantly, these test drives garner donations towards an organization or charity.

On the national level, BMW USA’s cause is the Olympic sponsorship of Team USA. The campaign unifies all BMW dealers and incorporates local organizations sponsored by the dealerships all over.


BMW of Charlottesville

We are holding our big “Drive for a Cause” test drive event on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, here’s a great chance to get behind the wheel of our BMW and truly feel the ultimate driving experience. Our dealership will make a donation to BMW USA’s cause for each and every single test drive taken.

Take a Test Drive, Make a Difference

Your participation is fundamental in making a difference in the community and country. Help your BMW dealership, BMW of Charlottesville, support a great cause! Register and sign up for a time to test drive at our big “Drive for a Cause” event here. Our goal is to raise funds for a local organization and Team USA! Join the cause on social media as well with the hashtag: #BMWDriveForACause

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